About us

Stephen and Rhonda with children Stephen Jnr and Jayde at Stephen's PhD graduation, USQ, Toowoomba, August 2016

Hagan Consultancy Group Pty Ltd is a 100% First Nations owned and operated business. Co-founders and directors of the company, Stephen and Rhonda Hagan, have established their consultancy with the aim of sharing their lived experiences – with all its many daily challenges - on what worked in the successful maintenance of a healthy and respectful partnership.

The success for Stephen (Kullilli) and Rhonda (Mamu) is attributed to - in addition to the mutual and unconditional love and respect of each other - the fact Stephen gave up drinking and gambling 20+ years ago and Rhonda kicked her smoking habit a decade ago.

Family is everything to the directors as they also take pride in how their two well adjusted and confident children in Stephen Jnr and Jayde never lost respect for their Apical’s lineage to country: Trella for the traditional lands of the Kullilli people of far south west Queensland and Bombeeta for the traditional land of the Mamu people of far north Queensland.