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100 Online Opinion Articles written by Stephen here

Australian e-journal of social and political debate

3-Book 4 Ngalga Mathematics_edited.jpg

Launched by Dr Chris Sarra, Sydney, February 2011

Stephen holding his fourth publication, Nglaga Mathematics - about an Aboriginal girl who excelled in Maths and Science and throughout her journey encounters and defeats the scourge of racism in a private school backdrop.


Launched by Robbie Thorpe, Kevin Buzacott and Isabelle Coe, Melbourne March 2006

Stephen holding his second publication, Australia's Blackest Sporting Moments: The Top 100 - about racism in Australian sports - that was launched in Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens “Camp Sovereignty”, to coincide with the official opening of the Melbourne Commonwealth Games.


Launched by Senator Aden Ridgeway, Sydney, May 2005

Stephen holding his first publication, The N Word: One Man's Stand - about his 10-year legal campaign to remove the offending N-word from a public sign at a sports stadium that failed on application, then appeals, in Australia's domestic courts before finding success at the United Nations in Geneva.


Launched by Frank Manthey, Charleville, September 2006

Stephen, with illustrator Susan-Zella Bissett, and USQ academics, holding his third publication, Melly and The Bilby - about a little Aboriginal girl who finds and cares for a small endangered bilby.


Launched by Rhonda Hagan, Darwin, August 2017

Stephen holding his fifth publication, The Rise & Rise of Judicial Bigotry - a publication of his PhD which makes the nexus between race-based judicial determination and community xenophobia.

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